Thinking of a School Show

Before embarking on your theatrical journey, it’s essential to sit down with those in charge. Schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas for the production, your budget, timelines and any restrictions. Knowing the parameters you’re working within right off the bat will help you avoid problems down the road.

First, decide what type of production you want to have. Will it be a musical? A play? A revue? There are plenty of choices, and it’s best to pick what makes you feel most inspired, as you will be working on this show for weeks. Also, consider the age group of the students. A show like “Rent” is a no-no for your elementary school spring musical. Always clear your choice with your school administrator before moving ahead.

Headsets, expensive equipment and there’s a max on frequency available for a show

No one is an island, especially when it comes to a show. You will need a team of reliable creatives with whom you can divide the workload. It’s always nice to have a mix of adults, staff and students. Your gathered creative team should include people who will handle:

  • Directing
  • Choreography
  • Music
  • Stage managing
  • Set design
  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Hair/makeup

Put the word out to the student body and request that interested students attend a meeting. Have those who attend fill out a quick survey about what they are interested and where they feel their talents would best serve the production. A word of advice: Avoid filling your entire creative team and backstage crew with senior students only. It’s equally as important to train younger students to ensure the success of future productions.

Keeping it simple

More later, we have the experience to help. Give us a call to discuss.

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