White Lady of Kinsale

Maurice O’Callaghan clearly relishes a challenge. After a long and varied career including three decades as a lawyer here and in the US, as well as success as a writer and director, the West Cork native is now turning his hand to musical theatre. While O’Callaghan, originally from Newcestown, has mined his own family historyContinue reading “White Lady of Kinsale”

Thinking of a School Show

Before embarking on your theatrical journey, it’s essential to sit down with those in charge. Schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas for the production, your budget, timelines and any restrictions. Knowing the parameters you’re working within right off the bat will help you avoid problems down the road. First, decide what type of productionContinue reading “Thinking of a School Show”

Meeting about weddings this week

I heard today that the wedding band organisation are meeting Minister Martin. Many venues are also in trouble financially, especially those that had dept. I know from my own experience that even community buildings that give a great low cost option to shows, concerts and fundraisers, many are parish buildings but run by the localContinue reading “Meeting about weddings this week”